Premium – For Large Companies

Rediffmail Enterprise is a highly customizable and feature rich solution where organizations can control email exchange on their domain and protect critical business information being shared over emails. The entire email architecture and infrastructure is fully integrated, maintained and managed by to ensure that you have no CAPEX and a reduced OPEX. Our Indigenous application is evolved over 16+ years with 96+ Million Rediffmail users, small, medium and large enterprises. 300+ top CIOs and IT heads choose Rediffmail Enterprise as the best Enterprise email service in the CIO Choice awards 2014.


  • Encrypted mail data transmission and storage at secured locations.
  • Vulnerability detection systems blocks mail access for deviant mail usage or access
  • Security audits -technical, physical, logical and administrative audits by third party auditors and tools.

99.9% Availability

  • Robust infrastructure with no single point of failure. India hosted tier 3+ data centres.
  • Data redundancy through multiple high performance disks with RAID5 standard.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring by dedicated network team with early warning systems.

Dedicated support

  • Aggressive SLA and a well-defined escalation matrix ensures that your query gets resolved in time.
  • Email & Phone support by our experienced & friendly tech experts make sure that queries will never be unattended
  • Setup and transition is made easy by our responsive support team’s handholding.


  • New mail notification on your mobile ensures you never lose track of your emails.
  • Integrated calendar and contacts increase the productivity along with your business mail
  • Remotely wipe user mail data for those on BOYD policy to reduce security threat.

Anti -spam & Anti-virus

  • Multi-layered spam protection -virus checks, IP check, reverse DNS, DKIM check, content filtering, etc.
  • Zero day virus protection & virus definition updation in real time, automatically removes virus before it affects your mails.
  • Customize anti-spam settings by managing content filters as per organisation policies.

Complete sync *

  • Mail sync across devices and applications like outlook, webmail, and any mobile phone
  • Calendar sync your events between desktop application like outlook & your mobile
  • Contact sync ensures automatically updated address book’s availability across devices.

Archival *

  • Completely automated archival of all mails sent & received in your domain
  • E-Discovery provides advance admin interface to locate & download any mails
  • Tamper-proof archival of mails as per complaince, with data retention for 7 years

Backup and restore *

  • Real time backup of the mails as soon as they are sent or received by the user.
  • Device agnostic ensures central back up of your mails from multiple devices and locations.
  • One-click-restore the accidently deleted mails of an inbox within a selected time frame

Data-leak protection *

  • Restrict mail access outside your company network. Control access of 10+ channels.
  • Restrict attachment & mail flow by framing policies specific to a domain or individual.
  • Monitor mails* sent or received by any individual within your domain and prevent unofficial mail usage.

Seamless transition

  • Transition team provides customer handholding during initial setup and migration
  • Migrate mail data* from your on-premise system or existing service provider without any data loss.
  • Integrate with core business applications like AD, CRM, ERP, Advanced DLP or Gateway solutions.


  • Web chat messenger* allows employees within your domain to communicate instantly
  • Doc share on the cloud allows file upload and link sharing with those who need download access.
  • Newsletters allow mail broadcast to entire organization or subset of users with customized sender, subject & reply-to-id.

*Available as add-ons at an additional cost

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