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Few things are as important as effective communication for any organization. Instant messaging is a real-time web-based communication method, like a telephone conversation, for quick and short discussions among employees. Instant messaging differs from ordinary e-mail in the immediacy of the message exchange. It makes the discussion simpler and more productive than sending e-mail back and forth. Instant messaging can improve collaboration and foster a sense of community, especially among widely scattered workers.


Instant messaging has introduced an intra-domain instant messaging for enterprises. Instant messaging is integrated in webmail and users can chat from their browser window only. The salient features of this service are described below

1. Presence detection
Instant messaging service automatically detects online users and displays list of all onlineusers in browser.

2. Search
In enterprises, number of employees on a domain can be more than few hundreds and it is difficult to find the online status of a person. To check whether another person is online or not, user just has to type few letters of person’s name in a search box. One can initiate a chat by simply clicking on the user name in display list.

3. Status change
Users can set the status as ‘Online, ‘busy’, ‘Away’ or ‘Invisible’ for chat service. System displays the list of ‘online’ users only.

4. Emoticons
Chat editor supports number of emoticons and automatically converts them in an image.

5. Multiple chat
User can chat with multiple persons at a time in separate chat windows. When receives a new chat message, it is indicated by a notification in browser.


How many users an employee can chat with simultaneously?
Users can chat with as many users as they want. However, if opening of large number of chat windows, it may degrade performance of the browser

Can user chat with someone outside our domain?
Rediff instant messaging service is for intra domain chat only. Users can not initiate a chat with
person outside the domain. This makes sure that confidential data is not leaked outside the

Do admin have to add a user when new employee joins in?
As soon as new user is created on your domain, he/she gets a chat facility and his/her email id is included in chat list for others to see.

We have many employees in our organization with identical name and surname. How to distinguish between them?
When user hovers cursor over name in chat list, his/her complete email address is displayed. This email address is unique to each user.\

How user comes to know if someone has sent a chat to him?
When someone sends a new chat to user, his browser window title blinkers. Also in mailbox, user gets a pop-up notification that he has received a new chat message.

Can I share files in chat window?
In current version of instant messaging feature, only text based chat is possible.

Can I chat with multiple users in same window?
In current version of instant messaging feature, group chat facility is not available

Can I chat without logging into webmail?
The version of instant messaging feature supports only the browser based chat facility.

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